Το ηλεκτρονικό κατάστημα χρησιμοποιεί cookies έτσι ώστε να μπορούμε να παρέχουμε καλύτερες υπηρεσίες. Συνεχίζοντας να το χρησιμοποιείτε, σημαίνει ότι συμφωνείτε με αυτό.


Κωδικός Προϊόντος: Redneck - Arriet 30ml
Redneck - Arriet  30ml ΑΡΩΜΑ.Harriet loves her husband and to make her happy, she regularly prepares her pie with a caramel crust...
Κωδικός Προϊόντος: Redneck - Billy Bob 30ml
Redneck - Billy Bob  30ml ΑΡΩΜΑ.Billy Bob, the old country man chiselled by the sun and the rain, sits on his rocking chair, a glass of his homemade bourbon in his hand and his chewing tobacco in the other. He invented his sweet dessert recipe, and full-bodied much like his life.In a creamy and..
Κωδικός Προϊόντος: Redneck - Bo 30ml
Redneck - Bo  30ml ΑΡΩΜΑ.Papy Bo dozes on his terrace.A sweet warm smell coming from the kitchen, the fate of its torpor .... It is the delicate smell of these favorite cookies just out of the oven.He first feels the smell of hot and crispy dough followed by the delicate aroma of vanilla cream ..
Κωδικός Προϊόντος: Redneck - Horace 30ml
Redneck - Horace  30ml ΑΡΩΜΑ.A superb gourmet.A real drug for Horace.Imagine a very creamy and light vanilla cheesecake, on which you pour a well flowing caramel, and finally a good swirl of nuts. So good!..
Κωδικός Προϊόντος: Redneck - Nelly 30ml
Redneck - Nelly  30ml  ΑΡΩΜΑ.We all have this nostalgic and regressive side hidden somewhere deep inside us. Fragrances of the smells of our favorite snacks, our forgotten desserts.Nelly, her pleasure is to prepare these memories for all the children they meet, marking them forever in this..
Κωδικός Προϊόντος: Redneck - Peggy Sue 30ml
Redneck - Peggy Sue 30ml ΑΡΩΜΑ.The simplest recipes are often the best.It is a wonderful cake, four-quarter style, over which is poured a caramel that is still warm and well flowing.Peggy Sue licks her fingers!..
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