Aspire k3 Tank

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Aspire k3 Tank

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The Aspire K3 clearomizer tank is a nice alternative to the popular but more expensive Aspire Nautilus. It is an excellent upgrade over disposable electronic cigarettes that many smokers use.

How To Refill The Aspire K3 Clearomizer Tank

  1. Twist the base to remove it from the glass section.
  2. Drip juice into the space between the chimney and the exterior glass. Be careful not to get any liquid into the chimney.
  3. Screw the base back into the tank.

How To Replace The Aspire K3 Coil

  1. Remove the base from the glass section.
  2. Twist the coil to unscrew it from the base.
  3. Attach a fresh coil to the base.
  4. Put the base and the glass section back together.

How To Prime The Aspire K3 Coil

  1. Place the end of your dropper on top of the atomizer and add five to six drops of e-juice to the wick.
  2. Locate the juice holes around the atomizer and soak the wick with e-liquid as well.

Make sure that the organic cotton wick of the K3 COILS is well-saturated before vaping it for the first time.

Aspire K3 Clearomizer Tank Specifications:

  • Tank capacity: 2ml
  • Tank material: Pyrex glass
  • Coil: Kanthal BVC
  • Wick: organic cotton
  • Atomizer resistance: 1.8 ohms
  • Tank dimensions: 55mm x 18mm