Aston RTA by Alliancetech Vapor

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Aston RTA by Alliancetech Vapor,24mm.

After hitting a great shot with its dripper, Aston Vape attacks the RTA domain, with the same success!

The Aston Vape credo is simple. Find the best possible design, and do your best to achieve an affordable and interesting price range to reach a maximum number of users with the best possible material.

It is within this framework that Aston Vape, powered by the renowned AllianceTech Vapor team, is offering the RTA version of its Aston. After the success of its dripper Aston RDA, what about this atomizer tank?

The French Touch

Alliancetech Vapor has made a name for itself over the years thanks in particular to its clever range of accessories. The atomizer community appreciates their drip-tips, BF Pin (Goon, Petri, Apocalypse) and shares their attachment to Norbert atomizers: Big bore, beauty ring, etc... Let's add the AFMOD and The Flave line, and recently the Aston series.......... the picture is attractive!

Alliancetech Vapor works with precision on high quality materials. The Aston, the newcomer, is no exception. The o-rings are adjusted, and the stainless steel brings aesthetics and resistance. All this for a price range that is completely new for this type of material!

Pretty as an Aston

The Aston RTA is a tank atomizer (RTA), bottom coil (the deck is at the bottom of the atomizer). With a diameter of 24mm, for a height of 30mm (excluding drip tip), it is distinguished by its small size. The black delrin drip tip, which is provided, is very pleasant. The tank is made of Pyrex (SS version) or PSU (sandblasted version).

For the packaging, no bad surprises. In a nice black velvet bag is a spare bag (spares, screws, screwdriver). There is also a multilingual manual including of course French, and the atomizer, the Aston RTA in this bell already characteristic of the brand.

The presentation is exemplary, and robust. The level of general finish and that of engraving is exemplary for this price range.

An extreme comfort of use

When we talk about tank atomizer, three points immediately come to mind: the deck, the airflow system and the filling.

Let's start with the latter, it will be quickly seen: the top part unscrews, and reveals 2 oblong holes allowing the insertion of liquid. The capacity is 2.4 ml. Classic, simple, fast.

Everything you always liked about the work of AllianceTech Vapor is here: easy coil placement thanks to notches on the sides of the deck. The help for the placement of your coil, the receptacle for the cotton, everything is obvious. The Aston RTA shines with fused, alien or staple. Reasonably sized!

On the side of the deck, the characteristic designer touch is immediately recognizable. Single-coil assembly, easy thanks to the notches in the screws on the sides. The air inlets are under the coil. The internal diameter of the table top is used to best advantage without losing sight of the objective of keeping the chamber very small. This is the purpose of the bell, very small. This is important to concentrate the steam, give a good density, and in fact, bring a maximum of flavors.

For the airflow, it is adjustable at the base. You will find an air inlet on each side, 1.8mm. An adjustment ring with 3 holes allows the adjustment by rotation. A stop is there to make your life easier.

A breathtaking rendering

In view of these characteristics, it is ideally suited for everyday use. This is commonly known as restrictive DL at the moment. Not purely MTL, not too open. Just right for everyday use!

It radiates with fused for example, between 0.3 and 0.5 ohms. This is the optimal vapor/flavor ratio. But it's up to you to do your best according to your preferences!

Finally, let's quickly talk about its price: given its qualities and its realization, it may be time to start!

The Aston RTA by AllianceTech Vapor comes with:


- Spare parts

- Screwdriver

- Notice

- bell and spare tank