Blotto RTA By Dovpo-6ml bubble glass + bubble tube 6ml +2ml standard glass !

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Blotto RTA By Dovpo 6ml.

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Dovpo Blotto RTA is designed by Sam Parsons from the Vaping Bogan youtube channel.


 The appearance looks to be modern, thanks in part to the skull print inside the chamber.


 This rebuildable tank atomizer can be completely detached. It consists of the drip tip, top cap, chimney, glass tube, and the build deck. 

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The new Blotto RTA is all about flavor and versatility. You can run dual coils or single-coil in there, the 242° direct to coil Airflow system provides fantastic flavor like what a dripper does. 

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Three juice reservoirs are included with Blotto by Dovpo: a 2mL standard glass, a 6mL bubble glass and a 6mL bubble tube which is made of Ultem. In this way, you can make the Blotto more portable, give it a bigger juice capacity. Another cool feature is that it includes a bottle opener that also acts as a coil cutting tool, so you'll know how much coil length you'll need each and every install.Diameter: 25mm

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E-Juice Capacity: 2ml(standard glass)/6ml(bubble glass and bubble tube)
Coil type: Single coil & Dual coil
Filling method: Top Fill
Thread: 510
Airflow system: Adjustable bottom airflow
Material: 304 Superior Stainless Steel
Colors: Black, Silver, Gun Metal

Dovpo Blotto RTA 6ml comes with

1* Glass Bubble Tube
1* ULTEM Bubble Tube
1* Accessory Bag
1* User Manual
1* Bottle Opener



1. Top filling design
2. 242° direct-to-coil internal airflow for fantastic flavor
3. External honeycomb bottom adjustable airflow
4. Support dual coils or single-coil
5. Dual diffusion airflow for a smooth draw
6. Glass & Ultem bubble windows
7. Top-Side Secured via Flathead Screws

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