Cotton Cloud 9 - Cloud 9

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Cotton Cloud 9 - Cloud 9.

Cotton Cloud 9 - Cloud 9
  • Difficult to surprise us again in terms of cotton and yet ... Cloud 9 Cotton is an Australian cotton 100% cotton very high quality whose strengths are not lacking

  • No chemical treatment, no bleaching

  • Flavors to meet

  • Length: 1mComes with a metre long of 100% organic cotton strands and shares the same genetics and features as the Kendo - Original, yet making the wicking process easier than ever! Little to none flavour retention, allowing for liquid swap without changing cotton!

    • Manufacturer: Kendo Vape Cotton

    • Country of manufacture: Malaysia

    • Material(s): Japanese cotton

    • Packaging: individual satchel

    • Capacity: 1m organic cotton

    • Weight: 12g