Hohm Run 21700 Battery By Hohm Tech 3023mAh,35A Continuous.tested/proven

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Hohm Run 21700 Battery By Hohm Tech 3023mAh,35A Continuous.tested/proven.

Hohm Tech emphasized on safety while still be focused on chart-topping performance, all Hohm Tech Cells come standard with Unique Authenticity codes or are equipped with the proprietary embossed power guard to eliminate counterfeits.

The Hohm Run battery is all about amperage for serious power needs! featuring a true and accurate 3023mAh capacity while still boasting an impressive 35A Continuous discharge rating if that's not impressive enough the Hohm Run battery can be charged at a tested/proven 5.29A rating. 

Purpose-built to exceed amperage capabilities of all previous NON-QSP Batteries

Utilizing Homh Tech's latest QSP LI-NMC Processed chemistry; resulting in the purest chemistry to date.