VGOD Pro Coils - Ni80 Fused Claptons 0.16- 0.18ohm

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 VGOD Pro Coils - Ni80 Fused Claptons 0.16- 0.18ohm.

4 x 6 wrap, 3mm inner diameter, 0.16-0.18 ohms.

Vape COils | VGOD Pro Coils - Nichrome Fused Claptons .16-.18ohm

 Includes four coils and 20 strips of Japanese Organic cotton.

Coil Feenz Coils are handmade in the USA.  All wires are Nichrome 80 for quick ramp up time and a clean tasting vape experience. Included in the custom VGOD tin is four coils and perfectly cut Organic Japanese Cotton.